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Looks Are Deceiving

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Living the life being an Artist/ Musician , I have nothing but free time, All I do is sing for my career and I'm always so happy, I lived a life of no issues and I am a trust fund baby ! NOT!!! Looks are deceiving, is a documentary based off of living two lives, I am not only a musician, songwriter, performer, model, dancer, and singer, but My full time job is being a single mother of 3, the oldest of 7 , and a grieving sister. 

Born in Edmonton and raised in the city of sins, I have for sure lived a life of stories, that wont all be covered in this documentary, however, you’ll get to know a little bit about me .

My whole outlook on life is based off learning from others mistakes and focusing success, ensuring my goals are my achievements, before it even happens, and not using my struggles or my mental illness as an excuse to stop pushing and fighting for my dreams.

After facing death in the eyes two times in one year, I had no choice but to understand I was put on this earth to change lives, and for many many years I believed it was through medical, until I realized my lyrics changed lives in so many ways . 

To say the least it is not easy to be a single mother of three boys under 6, and a step mother of two… however, I love the life I live I love the life I lead and I will stand strong for every mother out there, and say chase your dreams, law of attraction is real, Stop worrying about what THEY think, and know  that you are worth it and so are your dreams. 

” Looks are Deceiving” , Mother vs. Musician 

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