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#HaveMercy Starts Here.

Why do the good die young and the bad live longer? why are the most beautiful the most insecure, the highest intelligence have the lowest self esteem, why do bullies get away with manslaughter and the strongest cave in ? When i look up at the stars are all the lost souls looking too? We all stare at the same moon the same sun in the same world so why are we labeled so differently? How does envy turn people into hateful people? We all have our own battles some on the outside and most on the inside. In this world of materialistic manner, and unintentional mishaps? Why do we hurt the ones that love us , but love the ones that hurt us? Why do we give advice but not take the advice we give to others? Why do we take for granted the people in our life, but miss them when they are gone? To get appreciation we literally have to leave this world, for people to understand our true meaning. Lonely souls walk this world, and the ones that have the most have nothing. Judgement comes from thoughts turns into actions which turns into consequence. We lock up criminals in the same damn place all together so a huge mastermind is in place for bigger plans. But we separate ones with mental illness in a padded room and expect them to "heal on their own"? You never know what problems people face, you never know what you can do to a person whose smiling on the outside but shattered on the inside. We pray to a God that listens, and while were praying we ask for things, instead of realizing we were given that extra breath, we were woken up that morning, our heart kept beating, is a simple thank you that hard to say? Sentimental value is out of the ordinary now in days its only about the clothing we wear, how much our things cost, how big our home is how new our car is, our purses our shoes our jewelry our rootless freshly dyed hair.. We cover up the wrinkles the aging, and forget to thank the one above for letting us age, for letting us live, for giving us tomorrow, today and yesterday. For gifting us health, for gifting us emotion, each other, LIFE. For once instead of complaining about the weather look at our world. What we have left of it at least. Instead of doing the same routine every single day, say hi to someone, hug someone, tell someone they are appreciated. Understand broken can still be fixed, even its you . SPEAK UP ! When someone is bullied, SPEAK UP ! when someone is abused , SPEAK UP! when someone is crying, hurt, feeling useless, feeling lifeless. Remind them , they are very much so living and this too shall pass. Even the ones that have been the hurt the most put a smile on, even the ones that are the most depressed put a smile on. If people listened more . If people watched more PAID ATTENTION more, we would have more life. For anyone I've lost , because they felt they had nobody, I'm sorry. for anyone that I've hurt , I'm sorry. For anyone Ive said something to and potentially ruined them , i am so so sorry. For anyone that feels they have nobody, ill listen. for anyone who feels they are useless, I'm here to tell you you are not ! I know how hard it is to have a mental illness, how it feels to have your mind battle itself and make you feel imbalanced. To be afraid of death, to be afraid of life, to be afraid of yourself. I UNDERSTAND. STAND UP, SPEAK UP, LISTEN, PAY ATTENTION, LOOK AROUND. AND YOU MIGHT , JUST MIGHT SAVE A LIFE. As the sky gets darker like the sun ain’t shining , I realize the madness going on while the earths colliding As the leaves turn color on this summer day I don’t recall feeling heat from one summer day

-Miss Benzo

Photo By Carlos

Edited By Mercedes Cameron

Written By Mercedes Cameron

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