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Music is the Journey

Mercedes Cameron, a Calgary Music Award Nominated Singer & Songwriter and published model also known as "Miss Benzo", has a distinctive R&B/Soul sound and noticeable urban influence. With her focus on creating, catchy and meaningful songs based on authentic emotion and versatility her songs are smooth, direct, and forward-thinking, making for a compelling and timeless feel. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Miss Benzo was given the advantage of adapting internationally from a young age, giving her the knowledge and creative exposure she needed to take her solo career to the next level. After building a following from her first Album “Follow Me” in 2018, she continued to establish her fan base and releasing her “Looks Are Deceiving” Documentary explaining her life story on how a mother of three became a musician, the hardships she faces with stereotypical judgments, her childhood & health issues, as well as the meaning and creative aspects behind some of her released singles. Since then she has consistently released content on all platforms, with singles such as “In For It All”, “Empire” and “Revenge”, along with other songs, EPs, and music videos and collaborations. Miss Benzo has also had numerous international modeling publications in well-known magazines such as Lifoti, Muse, West Vega Models and more!

Music is truly in the bloodline for Miss Benzo, her grandfather on her father’s side (Tawl Ross) lead guitarist in the popular 70's band "Funkadelic", as well as her grandfather on her mother’s side (Jack Hennig) a Canadian Country singer, she was destined to continue history.  At the age of 5, she was already dealing with many different talent agencies and agents such as John Robert Powers, and made Top 10 in The Bounce Showdown 91.7FM, while she remained working consistently to kick start her career. Sadly, In 2015, she had a life-threatening surgery and was told she had a 4% chance to live, Doctors stated if she did survive her surgery she would not be able to speak or sing the same ever again. After losing her thyroid and SCM muscle removed she, fortunately, made it through and spent years recovering while dedicating time working on strengthening her vocals. Now she is singing with a voice as clear and as loud as ever! In addition to her dynamic and far-reaching vocal style, Miss Benzo works with a talented production and marketing team, ensuring all of her material is entirely up to the highest of standards, offering the best quality music releases on a global scale. Miss Benzo has performed at well-known sold-out venues and festivals in Alberta, including opening for artists such as, “Tyga”, Sorority Girls, etc. and performed alongside "The Melizswe Brothers" shortly after their appearance on The Ellen Show. Miss Benzo had the opportunity to perform at Canada Largest Fashion show and Music event in 2019 alongside "TYGA"  for the second time in her career. Miss Benzo is currently a member of Alberta Music, SOCAN, & Factor and is a true believer of supporting other talented and dedicated artists.

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