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Benzo Berea

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The name “Benzo Berea” originated from the relation to commonly known anxiety-reducing medications "Benzodiazepines".

"My main goal when creating music is to act as a cure and to draw awareness to suicide prevention, addiction, mental illness, resilience, and forgiveness by giving the audience and fans all of my emotions, and potentially saving lives through my lyrical content. I plan to give the world a euphoric taste of comfort and support giving the feeling of serotonin and helping people around the world understand their self worth, and importance through the openness of my own trauma, and healing jounrney."

Latest Music

Is There More (Cover).jpg

 Hey there, it's me, Benzo Berea, and I'm thrilled to share my latest song with you. This track delves deep into the human experience, exploring the struggles I've faced on my journey. It's a reflection of my battles with inner demons, confronting past trauma, and dealing with mental health challenges. As you listen, you'll feel the raw and honest emotions I poured into these lyrics. There's a sense of despair, a yearning for answers, and a quest for meaning that I believe many of us can relate to. It's like I'm sharing my own story of being buried in my own struggles, desperately seeking a way out. The rain on the window pane in the song serves as a powerful symbol of the tears and hardships I've endured. This song embodies the essence of the human experience, capturing my personal journey through adversity and my yearning for hope and purpose. It's an invitation for all of us to connect with those moments when we question our path and search for faith. I'm excited to share this emotional journey with you under my new artist name, Benzo Berea.

Angels (Cover).jpg

This is my remix to Doja Cat's song "Demons", where I put a spiritual spin on it.


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